Where to Paddle Board in Jacksonville FL?

Where to Paddle Board in Jacksonville FL?

Stand up paddle boarding has many great benefits both to your physical and mental health. It is a workout, though a low intensity one, that will promote muscle growth to your entire body. With this in mind, it is true that you will reap the benefits of a regular workout such as losing weight and keeping your heart healthy.

Stand up paddle boarding has great benefits for your brain as well including promoting equilibrium and balance. It will also help you to relive stress and meditate if you want to as well. There are many great spots for paddle boarding Jacksonville FL based that you can read about below.

1. All Wet Sports

All Wet Sports in Jacksonville has excellent spots for stand up paddle boarding. To add, you have the ability to rent a paddle board from the shop if you do not already have one for yourself. All Wet Sports is located at the juncture of Big Pottsburg Creek and St. John’s River.

When paddle boarding at this location, you have the opportunity to have scenic views all down the creek. You can even board with your dog, and you have the ability to see wildlife along the way as well including manatees. You are sure to pass other water sports enthusiasts along the way as well.

2. Castaway Island Preserve

Castaway Island Preserve is home to the San Pablo River. It contains areas to stand up paddle board on the river and even areas to engage on a hike. The preserve is home to over three hundred acres of marshland and river.

A fun way to adventure at this location is to hike to the edge of the water and cast your paddle board in. There are beautiful views along the way with nothing but wilderness in sight. You also have the opportunity to see wildlife at Castaway Island Preserve including storks and other marine birds.

3. Guana River State Park

Guana River State Park is actually on the outskirts of Jacksonville. This is a great location to engage in stand up paddle boarding as you have access to both the Guana River and to Ponte Vedra Beach along Lake Ponte Vedra. There are routes for paddle boarding all along the river that run both ways.

There are many other opportunities at this location so your family can be occupied while your family boarding as well. As mentioned, there is the beach that you can cast into from or can relax on before or after being on the paddle board. You can also have great views of wildlife including ducks along the water.

4. Hanna Park

Hanna Park is open from dawn to dusk from April to October. There is a sixty acre lake in the park to allow for ample room to enjoy stand up paddle boarding. There are no rentals available, however, so be sure to bring your board.

Hanna Park is an excellent location to stay the night as well if you are in Jacksonville just to experience what the city has to offer in terms of stand up paddle boarding. The park does offer campgrounds. Alligators are seen in this park, so be careful when on your board.

5. The Atlantic Ocean

As you may know, Jacksonville is on the Atlantic coast. With that in mind, the Atlantic Ocean is a great place to paddle board if you are more advanced in the sport and enjoy riding the waves. There are rental shops available up and down the ocean with board rentals available if you do not own a board for yourself.

Try to start on a day when the water is calm. This will give you a feel for how you do in the ocean and will get your feet wet so to speak. When you are ready, you can slowly advanced to days when there are slightly stronger waves if you are up for an adventure.

Final Thoughts

Stand up paddle boarding truly is a thrilling sport for those who enjoy water sports. It offers many benefits including a full body workout and a way to ease stress. There are many locations for paddle boarding Jacksonville FL. There are options for rivers and creeks, lakes and beaches and even opportunities to paddle board in the ocean. Start where you feel the most comfortable, and work your way up to more difficult paddle boarding locations such as a rough day on the Atlantic ocean.

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