What is Paddle Boarding?

What is Paddle Boarding?

Many are left wondering what is paddle boarding with the buzz that the sport is generating. This is truly growing to be one of the most popular water sports offered internationally. You can buy your own boards or rent a board at beach shops around the world. Paddle boarding is fun, engaging and even a full workout. Continue reading below to learn more about what paddle boarding actually is, the history behind it and tips on getting started.

So, What is Paddle Boarding Actually?

Paddle boarding is a water sport that is able to be enjoyed in any type of water. Many individuals enjoy boarding in lakes, oceans or bays. Essentially, they enjoy having a wide open space to board in.

Paddle boarding can be done by standing or kneeling on the paddle board. It has only been around for ten years. It provides the workout feel of surfing, while providing the relaxation and paddling associated with kayaking. Paddle boarding requires maintaining a stance on a paddle board while rowing yourself with your paddle.

Paddle Boarding is a Workout

Paddle boarding can burn between 713 to 1125 calories during an hour session, especially if you are engaging in paddling at high intensity. Paddle boarding works all parts of your body including your core, legs and arms.

Paddle boarding works your core as you have to maintain a certain stance and maintain balance. It works your legs as it you use your legs to stabilize yourself. Finally, it works your arms through the paddling actions.

Paddle boarding is often thought of a fun activity rather than a workout, so it is easy for anyone to engage in. Many individuals do perform in high intensity racing paddle boarding, however. Others engage in stress relieving exercises such as yoga on their paddle boards.

Paddle Boarding’s History

When answering the question of what is paddle boarding, it is important to consider the water sport’s history. The sport began in Hawaii where two surfers mixed their boards with canoe paddles to propel their boards. This occurred in the early 2000’s.

There were ideations of paddle boarding far before this, however, when Polynesian individuals used their longboards to view the surf, using paddles to get into the water. It has since gotten extremely popular, even offering competitions in the sport.

Choosing a Paddle Board

To get started in paddle boarding, it is important to choose the right board. Consider your weight and your level of understanding of the sport. Also consider the volume, length, width, and thickness you need for your board.

If you are beginner, it is important to start with a wider board to have more stability. It is also important to start with an average length board. Finally, be sure your board is durable to assist you in feeling the most comfortable while engaging in the sport.

Choosing a Paddle

A paddle board is nothing without a paddle. The paddles for stand up paddle boarding are longer than canoe paddles and are lighter. They also have a hook along the blade to assist in turning and propelling your board.

It is important to determine the length of paddle you need depending on your height. Try to choose a board that is at least 4 inches taller than you. Be sure to purchase a durable paddle as well to last you as long as possible when engaging in the sport.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Tips

Now that your question of what is paddle boarding has been answered, it is important to be ready before beginning to practice the sport. It is difficult, so it is okay if you have a few falls your first go around. There are some tips when first starting, however.

  • Start in calm water.
  • Start with kneeling.
  • Stand up slowly with one foot at a time and the paddle in the water.
  • Stand with a slight bend in the needs.
  • Always look ahead, and use your core.

Final Considerations

Paddle boarding can be a really fun and enjoyable sport once you get the hang of it. It can provide a low intensity workout when first beginning that provides a great relief to stress as well. There are many methods that go into choosing the right equipment to ensure you are ready to paddle board and feel the most stable when doing so. Get out and enjoy this sport, whether you rent or purchase to start.

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